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Welcome to the Seven Lakes Patio Homes and Cottages (SLPHC) home page. Our community is located in the northeast corner of Loveland, Colorado, a pretty city of 66,000 people. Loveland is situated at the entrance to the Big Thompson Canyon-- the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park and all the activities for which Colorado is famous.

Seven Lakes is close to shopping, restaurants, medical facilities and other city amenities; it is also a place of serenity and natural open spaces. Our beautiful, upscale community of patio homes and paired cottages is bordered by Westerdoll Lake on the west, Heinricy Lake on the east, Horseshoe Lake on the north. Boyd Lake State Park is just a short distance to the northeast. We are only steps away from nature, providing those lucky enough to live here with many opportunities for walking, biking and watching the wildlife who also call Seven Lakes home.

Paved recreational trails wind through the community connecting us with the lakes, Seven Lakes Park and the City of Loveland’s extensive 17.5 mile recreational trail.

The Seven Lakes Patio Homes and Cottages are served by two associations. The Master Home Owners Association (HOA) is responsible for all common areas and the general rules by which all homeowners abide. In addition, there is a SLPHC HOA directly serving the needs of our community. The SLPHC Board of Directors (BOD) interacts with the community and directs the management company that contracts for our individual lawn care, irrigation, snow removal and other community amenities. The BOD consists of five elected members, supported by three appointed committees. Meetings are open to all residents and information is published on this community website and on the management company website.

This website is intended to compliment the management company website, It includes content of interest to our neighborhood and those who might be considering relocation to our community. This website is sanctioned by the SLPHC BOD, but is created and maintained on a voluntary basis by members of the community. In general, it does not include financial information found on the management company's website. Residents must refer to the Greeley Management Company, LLC website for information such as financial data, etc. On the SLPHC site, we have included information of interest to our community, local points of interest and helpful topics. Our aim is to provide information to our neighbors, and to showcase why SLPHC is a great place to live.

Website team: John & Renie Poole.